“What did I get myself into?”

This blog was supposed to be up and about long time ago, but due to “unforeseen circumstances” or should I say “lack of idea” or it was simply just because I am too “hardworking”.

So I,m just going to ignore all the “about”, “contact” tab content… For now.

Today, I just feel like writing my thoughts out.

Well, things were still seems to feel like “a plan” last Sunday, and still seems to feel like big “?” until I click on the “submit” button.

Guess what? I submitted the answer for the first exercise to add the surreal feeling, I was the first to submit! Yeah… you read it right! The first one!

Then, I began to realize… Yep! I finally commit myself as a “STUDENT” once again. Life going to be a chaos!

But I guess being an “adult” student has it privileges, just a matter of making full use of it!

(Macam tak percaya, dalam usia yang sebegini aku jadi pelajar semula. Lebih menakutkan course yang aku daftar ni memang jauh dari apa yang pernah aku belajar dulu, senang cerita memang aku “zero knowledge”.)

I finally registered myself for a ePJJ – Pengajian Jarak Jauh (Distance Learning Programme) for Diploma in Accountancy (from technical to accountancy… yep!).


“O Allah! There is nothing easy except what You make easy, and You make the difficult easy if it be Your Will.” – Ibn Hibban

“O the Living, O the Eternal, I seek help in Your grace. Set right all my affairs, and give me not over to my self even for as little as wink of an eye).” – Tirmidhi

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